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Classifications Of Hand Washers
       As I have traveled all over the United States throughout my thirty-two years of existence on the earth, I have happened to frequent a wide variety of restrooms. One thing that I have noticed in the realm of bathroom etiquette that has disturbed me a great deal, is the different variety of hand washers I have observed. There are three distinct types of restroom hand-washers that I have seen. You have the clean-hand hand washers, the not-quite-getting-the-idea hand washers, and the non-hand hand washers.

     The clean-hand hand washer is one that is very near to me because I fall into this distinct classification. This particular hand washer uses a method unlike the other two (we will discuss these later) in which they actually get their hands clean. They start off with a nice amount of soap in the palm of their hands and proceed to add water to the mix. Next, they rub the soapy water in a back and forth/to and fro fashion all over the hands. This will create a lather that they will continue to oscillate over every crevice of their hands for about 20 seconds. The next step will be the rinse off, which also calls for a vigorous scrubbing to ensure that the lather is now removed thoroughly from the hands. Then, in a final step, the person will grab a paper towel to dry their hands. They also remember to use the paper towel to shut off the water and open the restroom. This will ensure that the bacteria left by others on these surfaces are not coming into contact with their freshly washed hands. The clean-hand hand washing experience is now complete.

     Next on the list is the not-quite-getting-the-idea hand washer. This hand washer has a style that I believe may be meant to try and fool people into thinking they have actually washed their hands, when in reality they have not. The procedures for this style can be summed up in a few short steps. After taking care of business, they gently grasp the faucet handle and turn it on. They proceed to put one (or possibly both) of their hands under the running water for approximately 1-3 seconds. Now, some of these people actually rub their hands back and forth while under the water. Others, however, only pass their hands under the water and go immediately to the drying stage. They then discard the paper towel in the trash, shut off the water, and exit the restroom.

      The third and final hand washer is the non-hand hand washer. The reason they are termed this is plain and simple; it is because they do not use their hands at all in the soap and water-process of the hand wash. They go straight from the stall and/or urinal directly to the door (do not pass go, do not collect $200 for all you Monopoly players out there). This method, to my knowledge, is pretty close to the second in that both are very grotesque and unclean. In a recent study (cited by the  NY Times), which is published in the journal Epidemiology and Infection, 28 percent of 404 people they researched had fecal bacteria on their hands.And in one particular city, 57 percent of the men studied had contaminated hands. In another study performed by Clorox bleach, they found that keyboards used in public places are filthier than most toilet seats. This may make some think twice about shaking someone’s hand, or possibly even typing on a keyboard, and then eating. People often get sick from the types of bacteria found in these studies. I would like to take some time to give big sarcastic thanks to all the people out there that still refuse to wash their hands the correct way. I am giving this thank you on behalf of all the people who have become violently ill from your poor hygiene.

      In conclusion I would like to know which type of hand washer are you? As for myself, I am the first type. If you are this type also, thank you very much for doing your part to keep things clean. If you are either the second or third type and you have just finished reading this post, you can keep it. Trust me I do not want it back (I am trying to cut back on my intake of other people‘s urine and/or feces). Maybe this post may even move some of you to evaluate your hand washing techniques and possibly change for the better.
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